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    ▪ High-precision quartz crystal locked frequency.

    ▪ Loking noise to solve the problem of noise interference which is hard for general wireless receiver to overcome.

    ▪ High sensitivity and high S/N ratio,long receiving distance,and never staccato,never wander.

    ▪ Built-in noise reduction compress-expand circuit.

    ▪ Excellent selectivity,multi-channel simultaneously,without mutual interference.

    ▪ Standard metal casing,avoid interference effectively.

    ▪ Most suitable for studio,karaoke,Brodcast etc.

    ▪ Operating distance is up to 80 meters.


    Product Features:

    ▪ VHF-190-270MHz wave hand(frequency Range depends on the requests of customers)

    ▪ Frequency Response:60Hz-16Hz¡À3dB

    ▪ SNR:>90dB

    ▪ Frequency Stability:¡À0.005%

    ▪ Output power:0-400mV

    ▪ T.H.D:<0.5%

    ▪ Mute control:(noise lock)muting controls

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