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    System parameter:

    1£®Digital PLL circuit design, make signal stable.
    2£®Lock function to avoid misoperation.
    3.  SMT technology for PCB installation to make quality more stable
    4.  High dynamic dual-compression stream technology, loading high and low frequency signals automatic to show the dynamic characteristic.
    5. Mute function and voice code lock function to suppress whistles.
    6.sensor type: cardioid
    7.Frequency response: 50Hz-15KHz(¡À2dB)
    8.Sensitivity£¨1KHz£©£º-54.5dBV/Pa /1.88mV/Pa
    1. Receive mode: dual-conversion
    2. Frequency range: UHF 600-806MHz
    3. Frequency response: 60Hz-15KHz(¡À2dB)
    4. Frequency stability: ¡À0.005% (crystal locked)
    5. Distortion: £¼0.5%
    6. S/N: £¾105dB
    7. Spurious rejection : £¾80dB
    7. Voltage: 13-15V  DC
    Transmitter / microphone
    1. transmit mode: wireless
    2. Frequency range:  UHF 600-806MHz
    3. Frequency stability : ¡À0.005% (crystal locked)
    4. modulation mode : FM3
    5. consumption : £¼110mA
    6. antenna :built-in
    7. directivity: cardioid
    8. frequency swing : ¡À48KHz
    9. Spurious rejection : £¾60dB

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