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      Our company LIBO Audio is a professional high-tech enterprises specialized in products,production an sales.Quality-based,market-oriented,technology-pioneering and to a win-win for the target is that business philosophy that we always insist on.We introduce the professional and technical personnel and advanced equipment for products development,and production.The strict quality control system make all our products have excellent sound performance and stable quality assurance.Our products widely used in the professional KTV project and perfromance,comference engineering,the extend audio in big hall or in school or other areas.And acieve a good reputation among our customers.
      Our company established a efficient and high quality after-sale service system.We can provide you a seriise of strict service process such as fault analysis,troubleshooting,track and perfect.Try our best to make the customers who had bought our-LIBO products without the worries behind.
     "Power infinite ,hard working" Our company always adhere to this spirit and make progress together with each customer,and have formed a mutually-beneficial and win-win cooperation mode with our clients. We will continuous to improve ourselves and create a bright future with all our cutomers.

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