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Principles and history of acoustics

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Acoustic principle I speak here, the most important is to have a mixer to understand all aspects of acoustics, rather than acoustic or acoustic research, thesis for master and doctor, so I acoustic theory in this book is about the actual operation in the field of sound can give people with the.
  In 1915, an American named E.S.Pridham will then call a listener set in a play music horn, and voice to a group celebrating Christmas in San Francisco City listening to the masses, acoustics was born. After the end of the first World War, President Harding in the United States (Harding) at the inaugural ceremony, the phone to listen to the Bell Co in the United States at the time of the moving coil is connected jukeboxes horn, to give voice to a crowd of people watching the presidential inauguration, because this has a lot of professional audio and audio research the science of Engineering development. Audio researchers are not simply trying to improve their sound equipment, but also to experiment with different sounds to see how humans react to hearing. But the most advanced audio researchers understand that acoustics is the study of the whole, and they have made great contributions to the understanding of every link of sound equipment and the physiological response of human beings to hearing.
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