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Acoustic "enthusiast" on acoustics

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  Nowadays, with the improvement of living standard, more and more people begin to demand audio-visual effects. To hear the mellow and smooth voice, to enjoy the good feeling of music brings, spend thousands of dollars to buy a power amplifier or even a "have a fever" line, spend thousands of yuan to buy a few unremarkable shock nail has become commonplace. In the US, there is a group of people who love music, understand the sound, they cling to the sound equipment to their perfect feeling, love self loading and conversion equipment, bent on seeking to software of high quality music, would do all the resources to live concert atmosphere home. We call them "audio fancier" and they call themselves "just music lovers"".
On the same day, audio enthusiasts talk about the biggest topic of conversation, a recently listed "emperor 7092" sound". According to reports, the sound is still only prototype, the estimated price of 280 thousand yuan, the sound by two single machine, each single weight of more than 200 kg, power of 1500 watts. In appearance, the audio has elements of nostalgia and modern, in line with the Chinese people's aesthetic concepts. A lot of acoustics "fancier" expresses, the acoustics of this paragraph acoustics is natural and true, after listening, want to have a set.

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